• Moving to Digital Solutions

    GE Transportation combines decades of industrial leadership with cutting-edge data science and analytics acumen to create an efficient, productive and reliable digital-rail ecosystem – from shipper to receiver - from ports to intermodal terminals - main line locomotives and railcars - to train yards and operation centers.

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  • Locomotives & Services

    Driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance

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  • Mining & Digital Mining

    24hoursA driving change across the mining industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance.The industry leader in collaborating with you to revolutionize your mining operations to enable you to be more profitable in all phases of the commodity cycle by providing breakthrough solutions.

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  • Marine, Stationary & Drill

    24hoursGE Marine, Stationary and Drill delivers smart, safe, emission compliant, and reliable performance in even the most extreme conditions.

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  • GE Newsroom

    Providing you the latest insights of today